Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Part in The Great Marijuana Book Bomb

Three of the great figures in the marijuana legalization movement have written a book, Marijuana is SAFER: So Why Are We Driving People To Drink. In order to promote their book, they have taken to the Ron Paul style of promotion and organized a Book Bomb, meaning they want everyone who wants a copy of this book to wait until August 20th and then order online via Amazon.

Their Reasoning:

A book about marijuana has never hit #1 on Amazon.com. With your help that could change, and we can demonstrate to the country the depth of support for marijuana policy reform in this country. If it reaches #1, we will also draw national attention to the book's basic message -- that marijuana is safer than alcohol.

If you are planning to get yourself a copy of the critically acclaimed, Marijuana is Safer, we hope you will join hundreds of other supporters of more rational marijuana laws by making your purchase on August 20, 2009. (We would have preferred 4/20, but 8/20 will have to do.)

I want to highlight one of the author before ending this post. Steve Fox, one of the three authors, was the lobbyist to congress for the Marijuana Policy Project from 2002 - 2005 and cofounded SAFER.... Oh and he's a TUFTS University graduate... yeah... go Jumbos.

Stay SAFER, Buy the Book August 20th,

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