Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Other Takes On Eating Pot Butter

So following my foray into brownies (p.s. they're delicious. I put about .3 grams in each. Ate one today and was super-chilled for a couple hours), a friend of mine, Red Betty, wrote in:

You can get empty vitamin gelcaps at a GNC or whole foods and some grocery stores/pharmacies. A turkey baster or pipet works well to fill them, or a small funnel. Another way to fill them is to freeze the butter in a shallow container, stick a pill-half open-side down in the butter, pull it out, and cap it; this method is messier but works if you don't have a baster/pipet. The butter/oil-filled pills freeze well and take up a lot less space in the freezer. They're also very discrete to carry around and eat. And you avoid the taste. Don't leave them in a hot car though because if they melt it's a mess. The only "downside" is you might have to take a handful to get effects (but that might just be my "cooking skills").

Or if you're super lazy, just freezing the butter and break off a chunk of whatever size you want to eat. You can't taste it much when it's frozen.

My first experience with butter was awful, which might bias me just a bit. The green was actually moldy (which was why I didn't want to inhale it. I know it was probably just penecillium, since it originated from an orange slice I put in my stash and left there for too long, but I didn't want to take the chance). We cooked it in the microwave in the communal kitchen at 3am. The next morning we put it on carmichael waffles with lots of chocolate pudding and maple syrup to hide the disgusting flavor -- it didn't work. It was so bad we were gagging and almost threw up. We had to pinch our noses shut it to keep it down, it tasted so awful. I've never had butter taste quite as bad as that first time, but I've never really enjoyed the taste either, even when disguised in baked goods (except for some top quality cupcakes I had in Amsterdam), which is why I started making pills. I bet if you mixed it with the right herbs it would be delicious though. And the flavor of hash on its own is actually quite good -- just pop a chunk in your mouth and suck, delish!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pot Brownies the Reggie Hubbard Way

So I just took a batch of pot brownies out of the oven and I figured what better time than to give a solid set of instructions for making a solid batch of brownies.

The first thing everyone needs to know about edibles is that you will only get as high as the weed you put in. I fucking hate when people complain about edibles, saying they didn't feel much. Then, when you ask them about it, they figure there might have been .1 or .2 grams in the brownie. If you want to be fucked up for a long time, put in at least a gram per serving. The only measure of how potent a brownie should be how much weed is in it.

The first step to any edible is to extract the active ingredients. For me, this means butter. Since I just made a batch using about 10 grams, my notes will be in reference that that, please scale accordingly.

Put 1 Stick of butter (1/2 cup) and a 1/2 cup of water in a pot and put it on simmer then add your weed. I don't like using more than a half ounce per stick of butter for the sake of space in the mixture. The pot should be ground as finely as possible; I use a coffee grinder. You want to leave the mixture simmering very lightly in the pot for about 2 hours. Make sure the water has all evaporated. At this point you can strain the mixture but I just leave the bud in there.

As a lazy stoner who doesn't want more than one pot to clean, I just add in the rest of my brownie ingredients into the same pot I used to make the butter. While it is still melted, add 1 cup of sugar and a splash of vanilla. Mix that together and then mix in 2 eggs. Sift together a half-cup of flour, a quarter to half a cup of cocoa powder (depending on how chocolate-y you want them), and a half teaspoon of baking powder. Stir everything together and add chopped nuts or bits of chocolate if you so desire.

That's it. Now just put them in a greased baking pan and let go for 25-35 minutes. Use less time if you're going to eat them right away and want a fudgie brownie. Use more time if you plan on storing them.

I let my brownies cook completely and once out of the over and cooled, I cut them and individually wrap them in foil before putting them all in a big freezer bag and putting that in the freezer. A pot brownie will keep in the freezer for a couple of months without losing potency. I like cutting them quite small so I can decide if I just want a little pick-me-up with one brownie or to be mega-stoned and take 2 or 6.

I hope this helps you out in your quest to make some baked goods and become baked yourself.

Peace, Love, and Brownies,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny Reefer Shirt

Northern Lights, a small (so small their only website is myspace) t-shirt company that makes reefer themed shirts has come out with one that I quite like:

He also makes a IV:XX shirt that's pretty solid. They're only $15 and can be purchased on the myspace page.

Peace, Love, and Bowls,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Most Important Piece of Legislation In Government

From Senator Jim Webb:

The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009,
introduced by Senator Jim Webb on March 26, 2009, will create a blue-ribbon commission charged with undertaking an 18-month, top-to-bottom review of our entire criminal justice system. Its task will be to propose concrete, wide ranging reforms designed to responsibly reduce the overall incarceration rate; improve federal and local responses to international and domestic gang violence; restructure our approach to drug policy; improve the treatment of mental illness; improve prison administration; and establish a system for reintegrating ex-offenders.

While I am wholly convinced that this commission will no doubt endorse marijuana's legalization, in most discussions pertaining to this bill, the legalization of marijuana has been carefully left out of the discussion, in fact, in the bill itself, marijuana is only mentioned once. Sec 2.10:

Despite high incarceration rates for drug-related offenses, illicit drug availability remains consistent. 86 percent of high school students report that it is `very easy' or `fairly easy' to obtain marijuana. 47 percent report the same for cocaine, 39 percent for crack, and 27 percent for heroin.

Instead the focus is on finding better ways to deal with non-violent offenders and cracking down on gangs. It doesn't take an anti-prohibitionist to realize that this is a roundabout way of ending the War on Drugs and replacing it with a sensible alternative. I'll be following this as it moves along.

Stay High,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Murder of a Harvard Marijuana Dealer

So I've been a bit reluctant to begin to discuss this story until I knew a bit more but seeing as Harvard doesn't want to discuss the fact that a drug dealer was shot in one of their dorms and collapsed and died a few blocks away next to $1000 and a pound of marijuana.

As much as I can piece it together from the various news stories, Justin Cosby, a 21 year-old from Cambridge was bringing a pound of weed to Kirkland House, a Harvard dorm, when he was allegedly ambushed by Jabrai Copney, Blayn Jiggetts, and a possible third assailant, all non-Harvard students from new York City. Copney's girlfriend, Brittany Smith, and her friend Chanequa Campbell, both seniors from NYC, were kicked off of campus the next day and Harvard has refused to allow either of them to graduate, claiming that both had a connection with the event.

There are many angles to look at this story from. I look back to my cover story from the Tufts Observer where I noted that five to ten pounds of weed came to Tufts every week. Assuming that Harvard consumes at about the same rate as Tufts, that's a marijuana market worth over 2 million dollars annually. It's not fucking pennies and it leaves easy opportunities for poorer students to make a bit of cash and party a bit like their wealthy friends do. It really is amazing that things like this shooting don't happen more often given the amount of money and drugs that are out there.... Oh wait, they do happen... all the time.... just not normally in a Harvard dorm.

Poor black kid dies so future world leaders can get high. Maybe that's a bit dramatic but I've been watching too much cable news.

Time to get high. My dealer's not dead,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Have a Man-Crush On Aaron Houston

Aaron Houston, the Marijuana Policy Project lobbyist in Washington (Whom I interviewed for the Tufts Observer Cover Story) sums up his testimony for congress regarding the DEA budget... which is, by the way, approximately $2.5 Billion of the $40 Billion spent annually on the drug war. Maybe we should think about that a bit more given the current economic climate; 40 Billion dollars a year is not tiny drop in the bucket.

Houston is an incredible guy and I'm encouraged that he is the direct voice to elected officials of the marijuana legalization movement. I think everyone should take Houston's advice and contact your federal representative. Please, this is more important than you'd think.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's funny because it's True

Comic shamelessly and lazily stolen from here.

Love, Bowls, and Peace,
Lonny R. Hubbard

Fluff Article Has a Great Paragraph.

An old article entitled How to Prevent Preventable Death found it's way to my computer screen this morning but one paragraph was written well enough that I had to share it.

There are around 17,000 deaths from illegal drugs each year. With less than half of 2008 over, over 22 billion dollars has already been spent in the War on Drugs. Now I’m stupid, but based on my calculations we’ve already spent more than a million dollars for every person who will die this year because of illicit drug use.

Anyways, now that I've lazily updated this blog, I'm gonna go smoke a bit of a pot-hash salad out a Toro.
Be well,