Sunday, February 1, 2009

Google Marijuana

Actually, use Google News to search marijuana. Any time I go ahead and do it, its the same thing: One or two stories about a random celebrity getting high and then dozens of stories each day about people getting busted; sometimes for a few joints, sometimes for a few hundred pounds.

The DEA and other gov't groups look at this as winning, that they are beating their enemy. Fortunately, for every pound that is caught, dozens more make it through. Unfortunately, those individuals caught still face prison time and the process through which they were caught continues to cost the country billions. Just like Iraq, money that the public could be using is continuously shoved at fighting marijuana just so people like this can present results like this:

Why do I just feel like I'm beating a dead horse?

Fuck it, I've been hitting my vape (filled with strawberry cough) while I've been writing this so it's not all bad.

Love and laughter,

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