Saturday, February 21, 2009

Support for Legalization is Growing

From Gallup:

Since the late 1960s, Gallup has periodically asked Americans whether the use of marijuana should be made legal in the United States. Although a majority of Americans have consistently opposed the idea of legalizing marijuana, public support has slowly increased over the years

Coming from one of this biggest Polling companies on the planet, this is big news. Just last week, a Zogby poll, commissioned by California's NORML and Oaksterdam University, found that 44% of the country wants marijuana "taxed and regulated like alcohol and cigarettes."

It is interesting to point out that the difference between the two questions could explain some of the disparity. When people with no preconceptions are asked point blank about legalization, they say no. Given a question that implies taxation and regulation, many people change their choice to yes. This is why it is so damned important to bring back the legalization debate. We are in a state or absolute fear.

Breakdowns of the Gallup Poll by age and gender yield few surprises. Old Women hate weed and young men are in a near split. So in a worst case scenario, weed will be legal once the pre-hippy generations finally die.

Breakdown by region also gives expected results with the West split in a dead heat, the East close behind and the Midwest and South still very opposed.

The one worthwhile breakdown is that the political group with the most support for legalization is independents. Given that trends show support will only increase, support for marijuana legalization could wind up winning some tight races in 2010, 2012 and beyond.

This gives me hope.
By April 20, 2013, I'll be legally puffing a joint. Hopefully sooner.

Always remember there's beauty everywhere,

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