Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kellogg to Drop Phelps

It appears that I'm going to need to find a new cereal to eat when I get high other than Fruit Loops and Mini Wheats.

From the Washington Post:

"Cereal and snack maker Kellogg Co. said it won't renew its sponsorship contract with Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps because of a photo that showed him inhaling from a marijuana pipe.

The Battle Creek, Mich.-based company said Thursday that Phelps's behavior caught on camera and published Sunday in the British tabloid News of the World is "not consistent with the image of Kellogg."

I love the smell of horseshit in the morning.

Considering that Kellogg makes millions fattening kids up with sugary cereals, it's nice to see them taking a moral stand. Oh well, they just lost me as a customer. Fuck it, I love Honey Nut Cheerios too. Even better is Honey Nut Cheerios with honey dripped on top... but now I'm indulging in stoned food fantasies... time to get stoned and eat some cheerios. Congrats General Mills.

Spill the wine, take that girl,
Spill the wine, take that bowl,

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