Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Other Takes On Eating Pot Butter

So following my foray into brownies (p.s. they're delicious. I put about .3 grams in each. Ate one today and was super-chilled for a couple hours), a friend of mine, Red Betty, wrote in:

You can get empty vitamin gelcaps at a GNC or whole foods and some grocery stores/pharmacies. A turkey baster or pipet works well to fill them, or a small funnel. Another way to fill them is to freeze the butter in a shallow container, stick a pill-half open-side down in the butter, pull it out, and cap it; this method is messier but works if you don't have a baster/pipet. The butter/oil-filled pills freeze well and take up a lot less space in the freezer. They're also very discrete to carry around and eat. And you avoid the taste. Don't leave them in a hot car though because if they melt it's a mess. The only "downside" is you might have to take a handful to get effects (but that might just be my "cooking skills").

Or if you're super lazy, just freezing the butter and break off a chunk of whatever size you want to eat. You can't taste it much when it's frozen.

My first experience with butter was awful, which might bias me just a bit. The green was actually moldy (which was why I didn't want to inhale it. I know it was probably just penecillium, since it originated from an orange slice I put in my stash and left there for too long, but I didn't want to take the chance). We cooked it in the microwave in the communal kitchen at 3am. The next morning we put it on carmichael waffles with lots of chocolate pudding and maple syrup to hide the disgusting flavor -- it didn't work. It was so bad we were gagging and almost threw up. We had to pinch our noses shut it to keep it down, it tasted so awful. I've never had butter taste quite as bad as that first time, but I've never really enjoyed the taste either, even when disguised in baked goods (except for some top quality cupcakes I had in Amsterdam), which is why I started making pills. I bet if you mixed it with the right herbs it would be delicious though. And the flavor of hash on its own is actually quite good -- just pop a chunk in your mouth and suck, delish!

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