Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Murder of a Harvard Marijuana Dealer

So I've been a bit reluctant to begin to discuss this story until I knew a bit more but seeing as Harvard doesn't want to discuss the fact that a drug dealer was shot in one of their dorms and collapsed and died a few blocks away next to $1000 and a pound of marijuana.

As much as I can piece it together from the various news stories, Justin Cosby, a 21 year-old from Cambridge was bringing a pound of weed to Kirkland House, a Harvard dorm, when he was allegedly ambushed by Jabrai Copney, Blayn Jiggetts, and a possible third assailant, all non-Harvard students from new York City. Copney's girlfriend, Brittany Smith, and her friend Chanequa Campbell, both seniors from NYC, were kicked off of campus the next day and Harvard has refused to allow either of them to graduate, claiming that both had a connection with the event.

There are many angles to look at this story from. I look back to my cover story from the Tufts Observer where I noted that five to ten pounds of weed came to Tufts every week. Assuming that Harvard consumes at about the same rate as Tufts, that's a marijuana market worth over 2 million dollars annually. It's not fucking pennies and it leaves easy opportunities for poorer students to make a bit of cash and party a bit like their wealthy friends do. It really is amazing that things like this shooting don't happen more often given the amount of money and drugs that are out there.... Oh wait, they do happen... all the time.... just not normally in a Harvard dorm.

Poor black kid dies so future world leaders can get high. Maybe that's a bit dramatic but I've been watching too much cable news.

Time to get high. My dealer's not dead,

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